The GMC Terrain Keeps You Connected

An SUV doesn't always come in full size. Look at the GMC Terrain for proof. The smaller-sized SUV is perfect for both city and rural driving. One worry drivers have about cruising through mountainous and other remote areas is tech connectivity. GMC considered this when making the Terrain. The high-end technology in the SUV keeps you connected no matter where you go.


Built-in navigation also ensures you go where you wish. GPS systems rank as vital components for a vehicle. Drivers must know where they are going at all times, especially when in unfamiliar areas. The Terrain comes with easy-to-view navigation drivers will appreciate.

Drivers also like to relax a little bit when driving around. The GMC Terrain comes with Apple CarPlay compatibility, making it easy to listen to your favorite music. Access CarPlay to make phone calls and other functions, too.

GMC wants you to stay connected in Plymouth. At Auto Park Buick GMC, we want you to experience the Terrain through an enjoyable test drive.



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