Two Important GMC Acadia Safety Features

The new GMC Acadia is one of the most popular vehicles at Auto Park Buick GMC due in part to its countless features. Here are two safety features making driving easier and much safer.

One feature in the new GMC Acadia that is going to assist in increasing your visibility behind the wheel is the rearview camera system. Once your vehicle is shifted into reverse, the center console screen turns into a camera monitor, giving you the ability to see everything that may be in the path of your vehicle as you roll back.

Your new GMC Acadia is going to help keep you out of trouble on the roads, especially when you are distracted. If the vehicle is slowly moving over the lane lines, the Lane-Keeping system identifies this action and will begin to vibrate the steering wheel so that the driver recognizes a problem and gets back control of the vehicle as quickly as possible.



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