The GMC Sierra 2500HD leads the heavy-duty segment in efficiency, versatility and off-road performance. Having a high ground clearance and an aggressive stance, this full-size pickup truck comes with standard and long boxes at our dealership. When buying this truck, clients from Plymouth must choose between the Crew Cab and Double Cab.

Performance & Capabilities

The Sierra 2500HD is equipped with a 6.0L engine block that has the exclusive Vortec design. This SFI V8 powertrain produces up to 380 horsepower and 360 pound-feet of torque. Compatible with E85 fuel and other higher grades of gasoline, this eight-cylinder propulsion unit is remarkably efficient.

The Denali edition also offers a V8 engine block from the patented Duramax series. A turbocharger helps this 6.6L diesel powertrain crank out 910 lb-ft of peak torque. Rated at 445 net horsepower, this versatile engine also burns B20 fuel for enhanced efficiency.

Part of the Allison 1000 series, a six-speed automatic gearbox is mated to the Vortec and Duramax engines. The Auto Grade Braking controls the shift points in this signature transmission system. By shortening the shifting cycle, the Tow/Haul Mode prevents excessive heating in the gearbox during towing. External cooling systems are optional for the engine and transmission.

The High Idle Switch and high-capacity air cleaner are some other segment-exclusive features in this GMC pickup truck. Standard in the Denali edition, a shield protects the transfer case, oil pan and several other components that are exposed to the ground.

Feeling adventurous enough for off-road trails in Plymouth? This GMC pickup truck has a locking rear differential that automatically responds to wheel slip. Powered by the Eaton technology, the locker is sensitive enough to identify relatively low RPM differences in the rear wheels.

Installed in the SLT and Denali models, the Digital Steering Assist ensures that you don't lose control of the car on rugged terrains. Carrying the Rancho design, the Sierra 2500HD's twin shock absorbers have been thoroughly tested to survive extreme beatings. You can also add the All Terrain X package for enhanced off-road performance. The optional bundle includes the Goodyear Wrangler Duratec tires with special tread patterns for rolling on mud.

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