A short story of reflection and hope. Many of the people of this nation are feeling isolated, concerned, and scared about the present and the future. Much is changing in the world we live in. Now, as much as ever, is the time to join together as friends, family, and communities and rely on and lift up each other. And now, also as much as ever, is the time to put our hope, trust, and faith in the One who created us. May each and every one be comforted and find strength in our One true risen savior, Jesus Christ. As we celebrate Him and the resurrection, we want to celebrate with you and your family this wonderful Easter season. As a token of our appreciation to our community members, and to the families we call neighbors, we at Auto Park Buick GMC of Plymouth, Auto Park Ford of Sturgis, and Auto Park Ford of Bremen are inviting you to come to one of the stores on April the 8th from 9:00 AM until 12:00 PM to pick up a grocery bag loaded with Easter dinner favorites. You don't even need to get our of your vehicle or have contact with anyone, but please as you sit around the table and enjoy your meal that you are reminded of the countless blessings that you do have in accepting and knowing Christ. We are blessed to be part of this community, and look forward to seeing you on April 8th.

Thank you,
Ken and Dan and the Auto Park staff
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