Gearing up for Spring- Get Your Car Ready!

April is Car Care Month, and it coincides perfectly with the advent of spring. Now that spring has finally sprung, it is time to get your vehicle ready for the warmer temperatures. The winter season is behind us, but its effects on vehicles are still present. In order to help you get prepared for warm weather, schedule a maintenance appointment for your Buick or GMC at Auto Park Buick GMC.

How Winter Takes a Toll on Your Car

Getting your car ready for spring requires a lot of time and know-how. One of the first things that we should conduct is a tire inspection. Harsh winter weather with the snow, ice, and salt can wreak havoc on your tires, decreasing tire tread, causing bald areas and uneven spots. If they are winter tires, however, they should be changed altogether to the ones recommended by the vehicle's manufacturer.

The Right Services in the Right Place

There are times when ignoring details may not have such dire consequences, but failing to service your vehicle when needed properly is not one of them. Even such things as windshield wipers make a big difference because you must have good visibility in the rain. So, there is much to be done both inside and outside of the car in preparation for spring. If you cannot do the job properly, the certified mechanics at Auto Park Buick GMC in Plymouth, IN, have plenty of experience in overhauling vehicles for the spring season. They can do it all:

  1. Change the tires and reset alignment
  2. Oil change
  3. Check your battery for corrosion
  4. Inspect your radiator hoses to ensure there are no leaks
  5. Check the AC unit for mold/bacteria, replace cabin filter if needed
  6. Inspect the wiper blades and replace them, if required
  7. Check your fluid levels- transmission, brake, coolant, etc.
  8. Give your vehicle a wash and wax
We invite you to schedule your spring maintenance appointment and take advantage of our handy service coupons, during National Car Care Month at Auto Park Buick GMC. Don't leave your weatherization update to guesswork. Let the pros here in Plymouth do what they do best: take superior care of your car so you can concentrate on the road!